Description of the artwork Andrei Rublev Savior Almighty

Description of the artwork Andrei Rublev Savior Almighty

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The image on the icon was partially preserved, but this does not detract from the effect that the person who looks at it receives. The most amazing feature of this masterpiece is a certain internal dynamics of the image, which interacts with looking at the icon.

No matter where you stand in front of this wonderful creation, the viewer of this amazing masterpiece - the eyes of the Savior Almighty always look at the viewer and create the effect of presence, which confirms the knowledge that the Almighty is present everywhere and in everything and knows every hidden thought in the most distant corner of consciousness. This penetrating gaze carries knowledge of everything that happened in the past, what is happening in the present and knowledge of what will happen in the future.

Light streams from these eyes, which heals pain in souls, removes confusion and anxiety in the heads, it is, as it were, the embodiment of universal calm and absolute presence in everything. Looking at this image of the Savior, the Almighty, words of forgiveness and all-embracing love come to mind by themselves.

The facial features of the Almighty icon depicted on the icon deserve special attention. They are Russians. Rublev Russified the face of the Savior. Until the period of Rublev’s works, the Byzantine style prevailed in icon painting. Also, before Rublev, the formidable and angry images of the Almighty prevailed, which made them tremble with fear in the face of higher powers.

A man at the mention and remembrance of God should have been afraid of God's wrath, and therefore God's punishment. All religion was based on the fear of punishment for sins. And this face is all saturated with the energy of kindness and care. It was Rublev's icons that began to radiate forgiveness and acceptance of everything that was happening.

The Almighty became closer to the human image, and by virtue of this it became more clear and began to bear not fear and the demand for worship, but it became the personification of all-embracing love, kindness and care.

The whole color gamut of the image brings calm and warmth. Very warm shades create the effect of warmth and tranquility, and the honey shine gives a feeling of sweetness and peace.

This impression of the picture carries the main objectives of religion - a person who comes to God should first of all receive peace of mind, love in his heart and kindness in his head. With kindness and love will be healed souls who sincerely turned to the Savior Almighty.

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