Description of the art by Titian Vecellio Madonna with a rabbit

Description of the art by Titian Vecellio Madonna with a rabbit

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In this picture, the whole art of Titian lies in the subtle embodiment of a religious theme. Virgin Mary was often portrayed in a red dress, blue coat and with baby Jesus in her arms, so even an uninitiated viewer can easily recognize them, as well as identify other characters and objects depicted in the picture. In addition to them, Titian depicted on the canvas the holy martyr Catherine, serving the baby Madonna, and the shepherd in the background, squinting at them from the corner of the picture.

The artist used a muted and darkened palette, characteristic of the creators of the Renaissance. Moreover, of all the characters in the painting, Titian, to the smallest details, prescribed only the face of the Blessed Virgin, as if highlighting her.

The emphasis on the Virgin is created due to its location in the center of the composition. But still, the main focus of the picture is just the white rabbit, which stands out for its snow-white even against the background of the white canvas in which Jesus is wrapped.

The Virgin, crouched in the meadow to eat fruit, gently immobilizes the rabbit with her white palm and shows it to the active Baby, chatting happily with arms and legs.

Saint Catherine holds him in his arms, kneeling, as if symbolizing his martyrdom. In the Christian religion, what is sacred cannot be worn with bare hands, therefore the white cloth that covers the child emphasizes the idea of ​​his holiness.

The landscape, crowned with a twilight sky dotted with orange and azure stripes, illustrates the idyllic sense of the hospitable nature typical of Titian at this time of his return to Georgianism.

The white rabbit symbolizes the purity of the Virgin and the secret of the Incarnation. The apple is a symbol of the original sin of Adam and Eve, and grapes are the atonement of all human sins by Christ during the crucifixion. It represents the wine of the Eucharist and, therefore, the blood of Christ suffering on the cross. Strawberries at the feet of St. Catherine are traditionally presented as one of the paradise fruits, again referring to the Bible.

The biblical symbol is the sheep hiding behind the bushes in this composition. In religious paintings, the sheep most often symbolizes an innocent sacrifice in the name of something important. Most often this is the sacrifice of Christ or the great martyrs.

The rabbit, which in ancient times was considered able to breed without sexual relations, recalls the virginity of the Virgin and the conception of Christ without sin, its white color indicates its purity. The shepherd with his flute resembles the ancient world. Painted in the background, it resembles a concept dear to Renaissance artists: Christianity replaced this pagan golden age in order to save humanity from sin.

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