Description of the painting George Nyssa Rainbow

Description of the painting George Nyssa Rainbow

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A romantic man, subtly feeling the beauty of the surrounding world, George Nyssky created canvases filled with great vitality, light. In his work, the artist reflected modern life in an exceptionally positive manner.

Nyssa's paintings are easily recognizable by their special, life-affirming mood. The dynamism, laconicism, conquering the lyricism of landscapes constantly attracted the attention of spectators at museum exhibitions.

The artist is rightly called one of the best Russian landscape painters, but in his paintings the landscape is not contemplative, pacified, as in the works of his predecessors, masters of the classical Russian school.

The landscapes of Nyssa are nature in motion, in a modern image. On the canvases with typical landscape characters, the attributes of the time coexist. In the Rainbow, this is part of the bridge in the foreground, the power line tower in the depths, factory pipes in the background on the right side of the picture.

A significant part of the artist’s work is devoted to marine subjects. Ships, steamboats, boats on large and small water expanses, rivers, seas - these are the favorite characters of his paintings, painted during the heyday. One of the most famous canvases of this period is Rainbow, created in 1950.

The composition is extremely concise. Before the viewer appears a small stretch of river, part of the coast, a white two-deck steamer. The semantic center of the picture is two arches, one of which is created by nature (rainbow), the other is created by human labor (bridge construction).

More recently, a thunderstorm raged on the river. The clouds gradually disperse, traces of large raindrops are clearly visible on the water. Beacons swaying calmly on the wave, disturbed by the waves from the passage of snow-white vehicles. Far beyond the bridge, deep in the canvas, the weather still feels like a sovereign mistress - there the darkness still reigns in the storm, hiding part of the forest and houses on the opposite bank under its gloomy blanket.

The vast area of ​​the picture is occupied by the image of the sky. The amazing game of the subtlest light transitions conquers. Clouds, clouds, a dim, but very precise fragment of the rainbow, subtle bird silhouettes make the audience admire the enchanting space of the endless sky for a long time.

The artist portrayed that amazing moment of the weather change, when thunderclouds give way to the sun's rays, and a rainbow flashes after the retreating bad weather of millions of rain droplets above the ground.

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