Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of Count A. I. Vorontsov”

Description of the painting by Fedor Rokotov “Portrait of Count A. I. Vorontsov”

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Fedor Rokotov was a famous Russian artist of the 18th century. Almost all of his works are portraits. Glory to the artist was not given immediately. He was born into a poor peasant family, but then he moved to Moscow and immediately became acquainted with the Moscow intelligentsia. In a circle of high-ranking people, he quickly became friends with Count Artemy Ivanovich Vorontsov. It is his portrait that is depicted in this picture.

This work was written in 1765. At that time, Count Vorontsov was only 17 years old. Before us is still a very young, young and inexperienced guy. In those centuries, children grew up early, from an early age they had to bear responsibility, especially to children of high-ranking people. But the artist saw in Vorontsov his youthful fuse.

The body of Count Artemy Vorontsov is depicted in three quarters. This is a very popular pose for those portrayed in those centuries. It is especially worth considering that Fedor Rokotov for a long time tried to imitate European artists. This work also has many similarities with portraits of French, German and English masters. A three-quarter position allows you to show the figure of a young count.

Vorontsov wears a navy blue jacket with gold trim. Despite the fact that the count is still very young, he carefully follows the fashion of the time. We see a small beige frill knocking out from under the jacket, possibly embroidered with gold thread. Such an element of clothing was worn exclusively by wealthy people entering the higher circles of society. You can also notice a wig on the boy's head. Of course, he also has his own hair, but the fashion of the 18th century obliged men to wear the wig. This was a symbol of wealth.

The face of the 17-year-old Count Vorontsov tells us that he is a well-educated and intelligent person. His lips froze in a half-smile, but his deep-set eyes did not smile. Artemy Vorontsov as if saddened by something or specifically retains a serious expression on his face.

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