Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Girl in a Flora Costume”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Girl in a Flora Costume”

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A portrait in painting is an artistic image of a person conveying his inner world. There is nothing superfluous in the space of the paintings that would distract the viewer from the character depicted.

Among the huge artistic heritage of Konstantin Makovsky, female portraits occupy a huge place. One of the best and probably the most beautiful and expressive is “The Girl in the Flora Costume”, executed in a romantic manner.

The girl is not depicted in casual clothes - the artist saw her in a romantic robe of the goddess. Examining the image, the viewer gradually begins to believe that this is exactly what the Greek goddess of spring and flowers Flora looked like thousands of years ago - the look of the contemporary artist was so intertwined in the portrait with her transformation into a mythological heroine.

A light transparent veil with an air cloud enveloped the bust of the beauty, a cloud of weightless fabric with modest field daisies slightly covers sloping shoulders.

Thick black hair, decorated beautifully frame the delicate pallor of the face, fresh flowers are skillfully woven into the hairstyle.

It is impossible to look away from the girl’s face: her dark eyes, deep meek look do not let go, plunging the viewer into a magical stupor from breathtaking beauty. Subtle facial features: “sable eyebrow”, gracefully raised, perfect lip shape, straight nose, expressive large eyes - in the Russian “Greek woman” everything captivates and captivates at first sight.

The color background of the painting effectively illuminates the image of a beautiful woman.

The left side is muffled, dark, fuzzy. In contrast, the right side is highlighted, contrasting even more with the character's dark curls.

The portrait evokes a feeling of surprise and admiration for the marvelous beauty of the image on the one hand, and on the other, with the author’s virtuosity.

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