Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Madonna and Child”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Madonna and Child”

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The painting of Peter Paul Rubens "Madonna and Child" presents the image of the Virgin with Jesus in her arms. The depiction of holy people is always referred to as religious subjects. However, here we do not see any references to the Bible. We can say that we have a domestic plot: a mother and her child went for a walk in the garden. This way of depicting the Mother of God and Jesus brings these saints closer to us, makes them earthly, understandable and accessible to all people.

In the center of the canvas is the Madonna. The artist decided to portray a woman more understandable to both him and the European man. Here we do not see the tanned skin and dark hair that are characteristic of the people of the places where Mary lived. Jesus is also portrayed as fair-skinned. The baby's hair color is very close to gold, which indicates the exclusivity of the baby.

Maria has light brown hair. Some curls are braided on the back of the head in a braid, several strands fall on the girl's shoulders. She seems a little disheveled, young, as if she had just returned from a walk. The girl is wearing a red silk dress, as a symbol of blood, which will subsequently be shed by her son. At the top of the dress is a large blue cloak, which also serves as a blanket for the child. One woman’s breast is bare - she just fed her son.

Jesus is depicted without clothes, but Mary tries to wrap him in a thin, lace, snow-white fabric. The child is not a newborn, he is more than a year old. In his hands he holds several ripped cornflowers. Mary is depicted as calm, peaceful. Her lips curved in a slight smile - she admires her son. Jesus also rejoices: his mother took him out for a walk and fed him.

In the background is a small forest with tall trees. Right next to Mary, a tea rose bush blossomed. Delicate, fragrant buds give the work freshness and embody the youth of the Mother of God.

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