Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Flowers and Fruits” (1911)

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Flowers and Fruits” (1911)

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From the beginning of the twentieth century, still life has become one of the most important and significant genres in the artist's work. Favorite stories of the master - flowers, wine, fruits, hunting trophies, fish. Mostly the painter is interested in roses with their rich shades and captivating charm. In a still life, the solution to an intricate artistic problem entices. The author depicts a beautifully laid festive table with a solemn white tablecloth, decorated with a floral arrangement.

Roses and fruits in vases, plates with appetizers, a decanter and a bottle of wine, grape wine in a wineglass - all this against the background of an open window illuminated by artificial light. Glare of light bulbs reflected on bottle glass, carafe, vase. White and purple roses flicker moistly in the dim light of the gathering twilight. The bright azure coloring of this coming evening fills the entire space of the window and penetrates the room, giving it mystery. The lights of night Paris light up in the window opening, echoing the lighting of the room.

The rich color of roses is associated with evening comfort and peace. In addition to the bouquet, a color accent is given to the picture by fruits in a vase on the table: red and red-yellow apples, black grapes, delicate peaches, purple plums. The colors on this canvas manifest in full force. The same shades either look like dark silhouettes against the background of heavenly radiance, or are highlighted in the half-dark of the room. Bluish and white tones enhance the impression of azure.

A single cool color is highlighted with festive colors of flowers and fruits. With them echoes the brilliance of the glass. Warm colors shine on the vase, slip along the edges of the glass and flicker in its depth, echoing among themselves. The painter is amazingly able to convey the nuances of the same colors. For example, the succulent colors of recently plucked roses - from purple to pale pink. Blue, azure and blue shades are also filigree correlated, in connection with which viewers understand the materiality of things: friability and meatiness of rosebuds, density of ripe fruit, fragility of glass. This shows the artist’s craving for the strongest color contrasts.

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