Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “Winter”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “Winter”

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The painting “Winter” was painted by Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky in 1915.

His work bordered partly on the Wanderers, partly on the Miruskusniks and this combined reflected in the painting.

"Winter" conveys a cityscape rather than a rural one, since houses are built of bricks and solid log cabins with dense fences along the road.

Snow has an incredibly blue hue, it is like a large duvet covered the whole earth and roofs of buildings.

On a snowy road, a large sleigh drawn by horse breeds has already passed many times, leaving clear lines behind. Traces of pedestrians that stretch across the road, from one side to the other, are also visible. This conveys a sense of lively street life.

So the man, captured in the foreground, slowly rides along the street in a sleigh. His horse had and steadily overcomes snow obstacles. The sidewalk for pedestrians along the roadsides has already been cleared, and the black silhouette of a passer-by quietly moves along the street.

Between some houses there are tall trees with large bare branches. On some of them black birds are sitting here and there.

In the background, the artist depicted the outskirts of the city with many two-story brick houses and other buildings. Behind them lies a snowy valley, on which in some places small mountains rise, blurred outlines of forest belts and a slightly winding river covered with ice. It originates somewhere in the distance and rapidly stretches right up to the very outskirts of the settlement.

The sky is unusual, incredible green-gray. The slightly marshy shade of the whitened green stripes alternates with grayish-pink stripes.

It’s not entirely possible to understand exactly what time of day this is because shadows from the sun are falling on the left side of the canvas.

Today, the painting by S. Yu. Zhukovsky is in a private collection.

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