Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "View of Ayu-Dag"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Created in 1868, materials - canvas, oil, size - 22 by 29 cm. It is in a private collection of paintings.

The painting is named after Mount Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain) on the southern coast of Crimea, which resembles a bear lying on its stomach. Her silhouette appears in the predawn haze in the very background, the angle chosen from the village of Gurzuf. Adalaras protruding from the water are seen a little closer — small islands “breaking away” from the once unified coast. About the same level with them, but to the left, the ruins of the rock fortress of Dzhenevez-Kaya (Gorzuvity), built in the VI century. and having several secret passages cut in the breed, some of which are still available.

In such a significant historical, mysterious and romantic context, the artist depicted a two-masted sailing ship, about to sail away and looking with his nose straight into the distance. A strong headwind blows its bright red flag and excites the sea. It is this element that dominates the foreground of the canvas. It is translucent, crystal and shining bluish-green hue pierced by the oblique rays of the rising sun. But until the light penetrated the shadow of the rocks, an inky night still lurked by the ship.

Dawn colors the sky with dazzling yellow, bright coral and soft peach, which mix under the master’s brush and are superimposed with a gradient onto the rapidly brightening horizon with an unusual greenish-yellow halftone. Along this riot of color and joy of the beginning of a new day, light white clouds run, promising good weather.

The lines of mountains and ship masts combine the magnificent color contrasts of the upper and lower parts of the canvas - the cold, hectic sea and the warm, serene sky - this gives the canvas a special charm. They want to admire, looking from top to bottom and back.

Nikolay Ge

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