Description of the painting “The Shroud” by Victor Vasnetsov (Laying on the coffin)

Description of the painting “The Shroud” by Victor Vasnetsov (Laying on the coffin)

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State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

The painting "The Shroud" (otherwise known as the Lay on the Sepulcher) was painted by Viktor Vasnetsov in 1901. She depicts the gospel scene of the funeral of the crucified Jesus Christ.

In the center of the canvas depicts Christ in full growth, which lies in the tomb. His body is laid on the shroud, which is saturated with incense. At the head of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary in black clothes is leaning toward him, clinging her lips to his forehead.

Not far from it stands John the Evangelist. Next to him, on the other side of the viewer, wives clung to the tomb - the myrrh-bearing women and the secret disciples of Christ - Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.

The background is delimited into two colors. Below it is painted in red - burgundy color, against the background of which there is a coffin and a large wooden cross. The upper part of the background has a dark gray scale and it depicts a part of the oval in black, where it is written in gray outlines, a star, as if crowning a wooden cross.

Along the edges of the canvas, along the entire perimeter of the image, is painted with words from the text of the troparion of Great Saturday

In the corners, on top of a properly rectangular shape, four different images are inscribed, symbolizing the evangelists.

The canvas has a rich color gamut, detail and clarity in the transmission of images.

Based on the image of this picture, Vasnetsov created sketches according to which later Prakhova embroidered a cardboard of the shroud of the main throne of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev.

Vasnetsov’s hand belongs to more than one canvass of a similar theme, which expresses warmth, spiritual wisdom, courage and stamina. All these qualities are characteristic of Russian saints and the artist has always sought to emphasize this in his works.

Today, the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov is in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

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