Description of the painting by Rafael Santi "Bridgewater Madonna"

Description of the painting by Rafael Santi

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The Bridgewater Madonna is part of a series of paintings by Rafael Santi dedicated to the images of the Madonna. The brush of the legendary artist painstakingly painted the images of the Madonna, each time trying to find, probe the same ideal, mysterious and unattainable.

The desire for the image of the ideal is clearly reflected in the impeccable face of Mary. Her features are refined and graceful, at the same time femininity and tenderness contain a thoughtful and full of love for her child look. Above the head of the Madonna rises a halo - a sign of holiness, emphasizing the divinity of Mary. She holds a beautiful baby wriggling to the left. Madonna herself leans slightly to the right, such an arrangement of two figures in the center of the canvas looks as harmonious as possible. The divergence of the characters in the picture is replaced by a slight concatenation of gestures. So, the baby touches the veil of the mother, while she gently holds him with his right hand.

The picture stands out with intense, saturated colors that add volume to the overall composition. The intensity of the color palette is emphasized by the darkened background, in which the interior of the room is poorly traced: a bench and a niche with an open door. At first, Raphael wanted to depict a landscape around the Madonna and Baby that is characteristic of all the Madonnas depicted in other panels, but later the artist decided to create a darkened room that gives expressiveness to the main characters of the picture and emphasizes the closeness of the mother and child.

The contrast between darkness and light is so spectacularly integrated into the picture that it cannot leave anyone indifferent. It seems that in a dark room, mother and child are sources of light, heat, comfort, harmony and natural love.

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