Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Behind the Samovar"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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This picture is dedicated to the everyday life of a simple Russian man at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries. and draws the scene of the evening tea party so beloved by many. In the old days, such gatherings were given special significance and thoroughly prepared for them. The closest people gathered. The table was covered with a tablecloth, all kinds of treats were set and a samovar was surely kindled, for which everything was started. All this is reflected in the picture in question. The episode of tea drinking sketched by Igor Grabar occurs at sunset after a long day. Twilight is already condensing in the room, but the last rays of the setting sun still leave their glare.

The metallic reflection of the hot samovar and the light shimmer of crystal glassware in combination with other details are made in a neutral and calm color palette. No clear contours, colors imperceptibly pass one into another, creating a single canvas. And against this background, we see the heroine of the picture.

Behind a samovar with a cup in his hands, the artist captured his future wife, Valentina Mikeshin, the daughter of a famous artist and sculptor. The image of the girl Igor Grabar painted with special attention. The sunset light gilds her cleaned hair and emphasizes the blush of a beautiful pensive face. The pose of the heroine of the picture is motionless and focused. There is always a special confidential atmosphere for tea drinking when you can talk heart to heart. One gets the impression that we are sitting on the other side of the table and are going to tell the girl some story - she looks at us so carefully from the canvas.

An empty glass in the right corner enhances the viewer's involvement in the described reality. The girl invites us to pour himself a glass of tea, take jam from a vase and share the sacrament of evening tea with her. And all this happens in silence, when you can communicate in an undertone.

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