Description of the painting by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov “Portrait of Count A. A. Perovsky”

Description of the painting by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov “Portrait of Count A. A. Perovsky”

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The painting “Portrait of Count A. The work is not finished.

Genre - portrait.

The painting depicts the writer Count Aleksey Alekseevich Perovsky, whom viewers know more under the pseudonym Anthony Pogorelsky. Many are well aware of his magical story "Black Chicken, or Underground Residents." The portrait is sitting at the window in home clothes. This work is strikingly different from other works of K.P. Bryullov - most of his images are filled with pompous triumph and splendor.

The figure of the writer, his face and clothes are illuminated by the light pouring from the window, which seems to be undead, heats the hero's face, makes him fragile and almost transparent. The face is beautifully designed, and it is designed thanks to the excellent black and white pattern. Light emphasizes the blush on the cheeks, paints tubercles on the forehead, the shape of the nose, lips and chin. The left ear is almost crystal. The eyes strike with endless kindness, attention and love. Black and gray, curly hair is in a mess.

The hands of the writer are affected. One hand, soft, beautiful, lit by the sun. The second hid in the shade, it is terrible and resembles the hand of an old man. A dark hard light draws a blue, bony, sinewy brush with long, uneven nails. Probably, the artist put the writer in front of the sun precisely for the purpose of hiding his age, brightening and softening his face. And he left the other hand as it is, thereby emphasizing the tragedy of the changes taking place with the person.

There are no bright colors on the face and figure. Blush on the cheeks, lips made of delicate soft colors. But the background of the window opening, the landscape opening from it, is saturated with defiantly dense, bright paint. That is what the author emphasizes the tenderness and spirituality of the writer. The impression is complemented by a snow-white, almost luminous shirt.

The work is stored in the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

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