Description of the painting by Jacques-Louis David "Self-portrait" (1794)

Description of the painting by Jacques-Louis David

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This picture shows us the character and appearance of Jacques-Louis David, how the artist himself felt. He wanted the audience to recognize him as a strong-willed, restrained, passionate and prone to emotional impulse. It is enough just to look at the artist’s self-portrait to understand the reasons why he joined the revolutionaries and fiercely supported their beliefs.

This work gives us the opportunity to appreciate and feel what a terrific portrait painter and historical artist Jacques-Louis David was. His gaze expresses simultaneously insight and emotion.

David had an amazing gift that distinguished him from other people. This is his curiosity. The artist tried to give this Self-portrait this quality and at the same time give his image great power. This can be judged by the fingers, firmly and confidently holding the brush and palette. The artist was inherent in almost animal passion, with which he comprehended the meaning and purpose of reality. And this is clearly read in a self-portrait, looking at us with concentration and impudence. The portrait painter wanted to unravel human nature, and the historical artist wanted to give this knowledge an ideal shape.

The painting under consideration was painted in the best traditions of creating portraits. The artist concentrates more on facial expression and hand position, adding only a few minor details to the exposition. This allows you not to be distracted by the secondary, but to concentrate on the most important thing. He reinterprets the manner of writing of Rembrandt and Titian and adds to his technique a modern style and special soulfulness. It is no accident that, thanks to the painting, the Self-Portrait of Jacques-Louis David was recognized as one of the outstanding artists in such a serious and time-consuming genre of fine art, requiring deep introspection.

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