Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani "Caryatid"

Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani

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The Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani took up the history of art as an artist and became one of the creators of a special genre and style, in which there is craziness on the verge of reality. The image of caryatids, the maximum expression of which is in the Greek temple of Erechtheion, built back in the 5th century BC, very attracted the artist. And on this type of female figures transformed into architectural elements, he composed up to sixty drawings and several paintings. It is curious that in some of these images the artist has several candles around the head of the caryatid, as if it were a crown.

In this work, the author presents a woman with a flat surface, which should be a roof and protection, rests on one knee, and bends the body towards the other leg. An interesting detail is that Modigliani finished the work, leaving traces of incompleteness in order to attract the attention of a person who will consider a similar picture and penetrate the meaning.

The artist understands that classical caryatids perform a decorative function, and at the same time provide food for the mind.

He understands this as something expressive and gestural and considers the figure as the embodiment of a man or woman, as a creature that carries its own problems, thoughts and expectations, hidden desires. This picture should become the embodiment of inspiration and experiment of the one who will contemplate the work and try to find the deep meaning reflected in the figure. The painting of the Italian artist, received an interesting name, has become a symbol of the uniqueness and originality of a person who is not just an individual, but also a person, regardless of gender. The work is distinguished by its originality, special technique, a combination of light and shadow, as well as a game of colors.

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