Description of the painting Khariton Platonov "Peasant Girl"

Description of the painting Khariton Platonov

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The painting depicted by Platon Khariton Platonovich. Year of creation of 1876, oil on canvas. The size of the painting is 48.5x64.5 cm, it is stored in the Tomsk Regional Art Museum. Platonov was a native of an ordinary peasant family, an important place in his work was occupied by a description of the life of working peasants, as well as children. The heroines of his work are peasant children, most often girls, whose images have been familiar to him since childhood. Looking at the author’s works, it’s as if you are plunging into the atmosphere of a past era.

The simplicity of the picture and at the same time incredibility give it charm. The work is written with light brush strokes, smooth and accurate coating of the canvas, nothing more. The author withstood severity in colors and colors. In the center of the image, the author placed a little girl who accidentally spilled milk, she is his main character. A small, blond creature with an angelic face, everything in her is beautiful. A deep, lively soulful gaze, bewitching the viewer. A description of the ordinary life of a little girl, simple discreet clothes, milk and bread - that was what the peasant children had to be content with. Spilled white milk as a symbol of childish immediacy and purity. A white dress personifies kindness and integrity. As the son of peasants, he spent all his childhood surrounded by peasant children; he, like no one else, knows the life and fate of ordinary children.

Stunning paintings of the artist, bewitching painting, the image of children's portraits made Platonov one of the most famous artists of that time.

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