Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Birch Forest"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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The great artist Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin wrote the work "Birch Forest" in 1871. The image is made in the style of realism, in the genre of landscape. Canvas and oil, canvas size 70x110, collection of Donetsk Regional Art Museum. First of all, the artist amazes with his talent and technique of painting. Having seen the paintings, it is impossible to forget them. Talent to painting, perseverance and hard work helped him become a great artist of all time. A large number of the author's works are devoted to painting and nature.

The author skillfully uses the game in paints, depicting nature. Blue sky, slightly covered by clouds, sunlight penetrating the picture. The rays of the sun sparkle on the surface of the water. Beautiful birch trees that have opened wide their branches. Greenish, sprawling tree crowns. The forest as if attracts with its coolness, looking at the image, there is a desire to sit on the fresh, greenish grass, to listen to the rustle of leaves and the silence of the forest. Saturated green grass attracts the eye. Light and airy movements of the artist’s brush create a masterpiece on the canvas. He knows how to convey the mastery of saturation and the play of light. Looking at the picture, it seems that you are in the center of the nature that the artist created. The vastness and limitless grandeur of the forest. A small stream in which a smooth flow of life is depicted, a light breeze sways the trees.

The elegance and grace of nature, the picture attracts the attention of the viewer. A true connoisseur of painting and a simple layman, the picture will be remembered as a masterpiece of Russian painting.

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