Description of Sergey Konyonkov’s sculpture “The Stoneborer”

Description of Sergey Konyonkov’s sculpture “The Stoneborer”

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Sergei Timofeevich Konenkov lived a long life - almost a century. Even before the revolution, the young sculptor was called critics by the name of Russian Rodin. In his works he widely used wood, processing it in the manner of folk carving. One of the first in Russia began to depict a naked female body in sculpture. His expressive and dynamic characters invariably amazed the imagination of contemporaries, accustomed to the usual genre plots of sculptural works.

Of the claims presented to the work of Konenkov, there was mainly a violation of proportions. However, for the master, the emotionality and emotional realism of the sculptures always remained much more important than strictly following mathematical calculations.

The sculpture of the Stoneborer was created by the master at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This is one of the most striking works in Russian sculpture, praising hard work. The composition of the statue is dynamic and expressive. The head and hands are better designed than the rest of the elements. Such a layout of the visual image allows connoisseurs to feel the inner strength of man, not broken by hardships and hard craft work. The hero’s facial features convey a complex internal image - a great deal of mental work and awakening of the artisan’s self-awareness are guessed behind thoughts.

Worker Ivan Kuprin posed for the sculptor - his thick frowning eyebrows and a general warehouse of wrinkles made a great impression on the creator. While working on the image, the worker conducted conversations with the master about what had long occupied the imagination of Sergei Timofeevich. In particular, Kuprin hit Konenkov with a prediction that soon all the land would be given to the peasants for nothing. The sculpture made a real sensation in its time, but the simple realism of this creation impresses the viewer to this day.

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