Description of the painting by Oscar Kokoschka “The Bride of the Wind”

Description of the painting by Oscar Kokoschka “The Bride of the Wind”

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The famous work “The Bride of the Wind” by Austrian expressionist artist Oscar Kokoschki was created on canvas with oil back in 1914. She brought him unprecedented glory and at the same time disappointment in love relationships for the long years to come. Now the painting is in the Basel Museum of Art.

The picture depicts two characters - he and she, and around the raging ocean of love. She laid her head on his shoulder. This is their last meeting. The prototypes of the images in the picture were the artist himself and his beloved Alma.

The picture shows the contrast between the idyll of lovers and the seething water around. This gives the masterpiece even more drama. This makes her temperamental.

Only cold tones prevail in the color scheme of the picture. This allows the viewer to consider the picture in detail.

The male figure in this picture is static, the female figure, on the contrary, is full of love, life, tenderness and kindness. The author, using his creation, tried to convey the fullness of the experiences between him and his beloved: passion, jealousy, misunderstanding. The artist himself claimed that this picture is fraught with eternal union and the inextricability of relations between man and woman. He hoped that by painting with such a plot, he would be able to regain his real love. Alas, that was not destined to come true and he will never see her again, as he did not try.

These two, like the heroes of the Titanic after a shipwreck, were in the depths of the ocean. The theme really was inspired by the terrible recent events of the shipwreck and the author's own experiences. Their connection is inseparable in spite of everything, but it was only in his subconscious. He so wanted and so imagined.

Despite the fact that the picture did not like the beloved Kokoschka, it was very popular and was immediately sold.

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