Description of the painting by Rembrandt “Faust”

Description of the painting by Rembrandt “Faust”

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One of the most talented and gifted artists, Rembrandt wrote a real masterpiece called Faust. This picture has a deep meaning in which philosophical thoughts and feelings are hidden.

Before the viewer appears a man, apparently a scientist. This is evidenced by the depicted objects in the picture - a pencil, through which he makes notes of his thoughts, a globe and a skull. The viewer raises the question of who is this mysterious scientist who indulged in thought. It can be assumed that Johann Faust is depicted, who is one of the heroes of the famous play by Christopher Marlowe “The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus”.

The picture shows very interesting details, for example, the circle that glows directly on the window contains INRI symbols, the same letters were immortalized on the cross during the crucifixion of Jesus. There is an assumption that these letters have a relatively new meaning for those involved in alchemy. “Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram” - “All nature is constantly renewed by fire.” The picture is very interesting, since the characters depicted can carry a double meaning to have a completely different meaning. In the same luminous circle there is even a whole sentence of ADAM Te DAGERAM AMRTET ALGAR ALGASTNA, in fact the meaning of this text is still a mystery. This circle may be of particular interest to the viewer, in which a strange and incomprehensible hand showing an oval is shown. The hand draws and shows the uncharted world, which should be considered and studied by the scientist depicted in the picture.

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