Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “The Model”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “The Model”

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Serov Valentin is known more as a graphic artist and portrait painter. In 1905 he painted the painting "The Model", around which every year more and more speculation goes - who is depicted in the picture?

Valentin Alexandrovich understood what role the female nature, the female image plays in painting. There are opinions that the picture depicts Vera Ivanovna Kalashnikova. Who she was is not known for certain. It is only known that Vera Kalashnikova was his favorite model, which is depicted in several paintings.

The drawing is made in a frame with eight corners, most of the sheet is free of paint. Serov can afford to draw only what interests him. The oil painting technique does not allow such liberties - an empty canvas will fall out of the picture. In the model shown, we see how Serov managed to convey human dignity, the nobility of the girl.

Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov lived a short life, died at forty-six years. His creative life was about thirty years. The artist himself perceived his portraiture talent as a curse. He lived modestly, did not want to gain popularity, was not seen in the publication of high-profile manifestos. All the works of the great artist boldly occupied a niche in the stages of development of Russian realism. Thanks to the gift of Valentin Alexandrovich to absorb the achievements of all the artists that were before him, as well as the legacy of the artists of the new generation, we can enjoy his works, which are available in the galleries of the Russian Federation.

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