Description of the painting by Filippo Lippi "" Madonna and Child with Two Angels (Madonna under the Veil) "

Description of the painting by Filippo Lippi

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Madonna and child with two angels - a famous painting by Filippo Lippi. The artist, being a novice, aroused a passion for the nun Lucretia Butti. The girl accepted his courtship, and, refusing to serve God, the couple married. Subsequently, their son Filippino was born, he also became a famous artist.

This painting just depicts the beloved of the artist Lucretia - apparently, with the artist’s baby son. A beautiful young woman folded her hands in prayer. Pearls are woven into Madonna’s hair, a transparent veil falls over her shoulders. The dark blue dress is also decorated with pearl threads. The baby Jesus at the Madonna is supported by two curly angels in her arms. The gaze of the closest of them, crafty and gentle, is directed to the viewer. Rather, he looks like a playful boy than a biblical character.

In the background is a perfectly traced landscape, a model for which was Flemish painting. The pale sky covered with clouds, harsh bare rocks and the calm blue expanse of the sea reinforce the impression of majesty and peace emanating from the picture. Partly, the aloofness of the landscape emphasizes the warmth of the human faces depicted in the foreground.

The image of the Madonna, touching, exalted, but at the same time incredibly earthly, later became a role model for followers. In particular, he was inspired by Sandro Botticelli, a student of Lippi. He was a friend of the artist’s son, Filippino. Since that time, it has become fashionable to portray Madonnas and heroines of myths as ordinary earthly women - which, no doubt, always brings the viewer closer to the images depicted in the paintings.

Madonna and child with two angels is kept in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, in the hall number 8, dedicated to the work of Lippi.

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