Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "Mountains"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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Mikhail Nesterov is one of the participants in the traveling exhibitions partnership. Coming from a merchant family, from childhood he abhorred all kinds of trade. The young man was occupied with art and literature. Fortunately, his father was also interested in art and therefore took a passionate part in the fate of his son, supported all his undertakings. Mikhail's childhood was calm, imbued with love, which later had a great influence on all his work. The artist’s paintings are often majestic and represent traditional values.

However, not everything was so smooth in the fate of the author. The death of a young wife during childbirth was an event that changed his life. The artist reflected the image of his beloved wife in many paintings after her death. They glorified the artist's paintings on religious topics. However, in the depiction of landscapes, Nesterov was a master. He said about himself that he did not like to portray strong passions. In the image of calm, majestic nature, the artist found a kind of outlet. The dim, discreet beauty of his work is the best suited for displaying the nature of central Russia.

The painting of the Mountain was painted in the typical manner of the artist - without bright colors, with smooth transitions from one color to another, with the game of halftones. A blue sky with small clouds soars high above the tops of the mountains. The mountains themselves, white and blue, harmonize with the tone of the sky and with the blue-green tint of foliage, combining the two planes of the picture - heaven and earth. The only bright spot in the picture is a thin birch in the foreground. Its yellowed foliage, written in gentle, precise strokes, attracts the viewer's eyes.

Magritte Wren

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