Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Lesson in music”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Lesson in music”

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The painting "Lesson in Music" belongs to the brush of a Dutch artist. The canvas is written between 1662 and 1665. When it was created, the canvas and oil were used. Since 1696, the painting was part of the Royal Collection of Great Britain. As a result of the mistake in decrypting the signature, authorship was attributed to Franz van Miris Sr. The real author of the picture was established only in 1866.

All actions on the canvas take place in a large room, dimly lit through the mosaic stained-glass windows.

The central place in the picture is occupied by the piano, behind which the girl stands with her back to the viewer. Next to her was an elderly teacher, ready at any moment to cheer the student and give practical advice. A huge mirror rests on the piano, reflecting the face and body part of the girl. On the right side of the piano, behind the teacher’s back you can see a big picture. The plot depicted on it remains unknown to the viewer. At the girl’s feet you can see a stringed musical instrument - double bass, or domra.

The foreground of the picture is a large table covered with a heavy tablecloth, the ends of which descend to the floor. The only item on the table is a white jug. He, apparently, is a source of light, because it stands out on the canvas most of all.

The artist pays special attention to the clothes of the characters. The teacher is dressed in a strict black suit with white cuffs. Judging by the sling and cane that pulls his body, on which the man rests, he belongs to the upper class. Most likely, the girl on the canvas is his niece or daughter. The girl is dressed in a long dress, according to the customs of that time consisting of several skirts. The upper skirt is black, the bottom is red. The top of the dress is white. The girl also does not belong to the lower class, rather she is a pupil of the boarding house.

Despite the presence of windows, white walls and a certain play of light created with a jug and a mirror, the overall picture is rather gloomy.

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