Description of the painting by Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel “Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel (1906)”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel “Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel (1906)”

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Vrubel preferred a deep and complex color palette, finding combinations that made his paintings incredibly colorful. The artist was inspired by Italian masters, Byzantine frescoes and mosaics. His work is inherent in a certain crystallinity and outline, where certain nuances are emphasized by barely noticeable contours. The shapes of the images seem broken, located in different planes. The transition from light to dark tones makes the artist’s work incredibly beautiful and creates the illusion of richness and colorfulness.

This picture was painted by the artist at a time when he practically lost his sight. But despite this, the artist's handwriting was felt in every stroke applied by his hand. They create a sense of movement and dynamics. The boundaries between the color transitions are clearly observed, thanks to them the form of the work seems more multifaceted. Vrubel wanted to portray a passage from the Bible as he himself understood it. The master was very afraid to draw Christ and the Virgin, because he believed that he was not worthy to represent the saints with his brush. His vision of biblical events was different from his usual understanding, and this was reflected in his last picture.

The amazing graphic technique that was inherent in the artist is the pinnacle of skill and makes Vrubel one of the most recognizable artists. Its color masses are elements that pour into a form and carry a certain mental attitude. He did not need many colorful colors to convey the richness of detail and the depth of tonal transitions. This painting is a completed graphic work, which represents the artist’s subtle relationship to the captured event. The dashed arabesques conceal all the charm of the handwriting of this magnificent and talented artist.

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