Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Explanation”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Explanation”

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The ingenious master of genre paintings, V. Makovsky painted the picture “Explanation” in 1891. This time he is not only a skilled painter, but also a subtle psychologist. The ability to capture innermost emotional experiences on canvas is worthy of great admiration.

In the "Explanation" we see a domestic scene. In the apartment flooded with daylight, there are young man and woman. The furnishings of the rooms evoke positive associations. Various pieces of furniture are on the painted lacquered floor. A girl sits at the piano, a man stands nearby, leaning slightly on a musical instrument.

As you might guess, the young man is explained in the feelings of the lady. There is no doubt about the sincerity of his experiences. Everything in his being speaks of an extreme degree of embarrassment. The face is flooded with a bashful blush, the gaze is downcast, the cap is awkwardly pinched by the left hand. The man is very worried about the situation. How will the beloved perceive his words? Will they find a response in her heart? With consent, will she answer or refuse? We involuntarily have to empathize with the hero of the genre picture.

A man is dressed “with a needle”: a white top, black trousers, cleaned shoes, beautifully combed hair. The girl also looks smart and elegant. She is wearing a red polka dot blouse, a long fluffy skirt, an unusual hat. However, she hardly prepared for the explanation that had happened. You can see her gaze frozen in surprise. The lady is also embarrassed and does not dare to look at the lover. The whole picture is permeated with a spring romantic mood.

The front room, where the heroes are, is somewhat darkened. But the far one is heavily lit by sun glare. An atmosphere of celebration and a presentiment of happiness is created. This emphasizes the color scheme of the work with an abundance of luminous blue, yellow, light green tones.

You can admire the picture “Explanation” in the Tretyakov Gallery.

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