Description of Franz Sneijders painting “Still Life with Broken Game and Lobster”

Description of Franz Sneijders painting “Still Life with Broken Game and Lobster”

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The greatest artist of Flanders - Franz Sneijders is the largest master of pictorial still life, his brushes belong to dozens of works recognized as masterpieces of pictorial art. Sneijders wrote his abundant wealth eat up still lifes under the banner of greatness and all-encompassing power.

It is known that in the formation of artistic talent Rubens and Sneijders mutually influenced each other, they collaborated a lot and were close friends. It is also famous that artists shared sketches with each other and embodied them in their independent works.

“Still Life with Broken Game and Lobster” - a picture painted by him during the culmination of his creative genius, under the influence of continuous improvement of the writing technique, so the viewer can enjoy all the greatness of artistic skill. Sneijders is an artist who revived still lifes, made an image of “dead nature” (the literal meaning of the French word “still life”), giving his paintings the unique dynamics of form and color.

One has only to pay attention to what a commotion the hunting dog created with its pranks, having just returned from the morning "round-up" and a cat who cannot stop looking at a huge lobster. " Everything collected and caught on the hunt just does not fit on the table! So many dishes depicted by the artist simply cannot make the viewer believe that the image is static!

In addition, Franz Sneijders uses contrast techniques to enhance the sense of dynamics: against the background of a snow-white tablecloth, everything around looks even more expressive: from the collected cereals, but a black rabbit. Skillfully the artist uses his abilities to write the interior - red, white fabrics are in perfect harmony with each other, attracting attention to all those immense dishes that are laid out on the table. Today, the excellent painting by Franz Sneijders is kept in the State Hermitage, in St. Petersburg.

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