Description of the painting Maurits Escher "Drawing Hands"

Description of the painting Maurits Escher

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The sheet adheres tightly to the pins. One hand sketches a cuff with an elegant cufflink. And - as if suddenly - a second hand is selected from this drawn cuff, which has not even been completed yet.

Moreover, crawling out of the painted surface, it becomes like a living creature. And this creature also draws a cuff, but already without a cufflink, from which a “living” hand also protrudes. "Hands draw each other." Mutual closure, the likeness of a loop, self-reproduction - all this is this picture, in which (like in many others, if not all), the secret of human consciousness, the superiority of man over nature and technology, is hidden.

There is a version that Leonardo da Vinci himself prompted the artist to this idea, having in his art arsenal an outline for the “Portrait of Ginevra de Benchi”.

This and many other lithographs was famous for the artist Maurice Escher, who led the whole Netherlands into a frenzy with his new, unusual and original at that time, graphics.

Escher's work is truly amazing. Infinity, three-dimensional intricate figures and objects, the existence of which is impossible by the laws of physics, symmetry - all this is the Dutchman Maurice. The latter very subtly knew logic and plastic, as well as their paradox and contradictions. Together with the virtuosity of the performance, the works came out amazing. If you consider that the chart had practically no knowledge in the field of exact sciences, you are amazed and impressed even more, understanding how accurately he captured mathematical research.

The artist didn’t draw, he “played”, played with figures, objects, animals, hands, people, patterns ... But - my God! - how masterfully! It is truly amazing how a simple harmless game can turn into a big serious work!

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