Description of the painting by Andrey Lysenko “Girl with a watering can”

Description of the painting by Andrey Lysenko “Girl with a watering can”

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Andrey Gavrilovich Lysenko is a representative of the legendary dynasty of impressionists who made such a significant contribution to the development of Russian painting.

Lysenko was recognized as an honored artist of Russia, was awarded the highest category of master in writing historical, landscape and portrait paintings. Sociological realism is one of the main directions of his work, however, such impressionist canvases as “Girl with a Watering Can” are distinguished by special lyrical performance.

Unlike many artists of the twentieth century, Lysenko traveled a lot around the world, went through international practices, studied abroad. Also, the artist Lysenko gave exhibitions around the world, especially his work was appreciated in Japan and the states.

In a difficult “ideologically directed” time, Andrei Gavrilovich Lysenko was able to maintain his artistic individuality, create “politically neutral” paintings, which are much more popular not only in Russia but also abroad.

The painting "Girl with a Watering Can" is notable for its lightness. The airy technique of writing Lysenko gives the picture a special volume and play of light and shadow. Midday heat, irrigation of lush flowers at the hottest hour of the day give the picture incredible freshness, special “flicker” and internal dynamics.

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