Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Haymaking”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Haymaking”

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The greatest Russian painter Alexei Venetsianov painted the extraordinary painting "Haymaking", which enjoys great attention from artists to this day.

The work fully conveys the mood and atmosphere of the past. At first glance, the plot seems straightforward, simple and understandable for everyone, but plunging into the structure of life of those years, you can feel the whole thoughtfulness of the work.

Each picture conveys the story, and with it many riddles that everyone will solve differently.

The time has come for haymaking: natural gifts appeared in their very maturity and beauty. A peasant woman breastfeeds a baby lying on her lap, looking at the girl sitting on her right. She is in bast shoes, next to her are working tools - a rake. Behind are people working in the same area. On the woman’s face you can see how hard the job is given to her, how tired she is.

The nature depicted by the author harmoniously merges into the everyday way of life of the working people. Venetsianov shows the beauty of Russian villages, spacious fields, the charm of hot weather and hard peasant labor. The artist tried to convey that integrity of the natural world and the human, their absolute understanding between themselves and harmonious relationships. The Russian field is depicted as it was - real, unadorned, natural.

The image of Russian peasants often attracted creators: they saw in them something genuine, something that was worth capturing on canvases. Venetsianov managed to bring this authenticity, atmosphere of life and purity of the Russian soul through generations. The painting is stored in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, so everyone can plunge into that era, enjoying the beauty and charm of peasant life.

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