Description of the monument to the victims of communism in Prague

Description of the monument to the victims of communism in Prague

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Monuments are different. Some may cause laughter, others bewilderment, third anger, fourth indifference and surprise, but there are those that can be called "strong." One of these cultural monuments includes the victims of communism in Prague. The monument very clearly represents how the system, which was in the country for half a century from 1948 to 1989, could negatively reflect on the lives of the country's inhabitants.

During these cruel years, thousands of people were arrested, many of whom died or were killed for trying to escape from prison. Of course, such fear remained in the hearts of people. Therefore, in order to perpetuate the great event when the communist system (12 years after the end) ceased to exist, this monument was built in 2002.

It depicts the figures of men who descend the stairs. They seem to be dead, and with each step of the figure more and more destroyed. And this is not the reason for some kind of cataclysm - this is the idea of ​​the authors: the Czech sculptor and architects. This monument symbolizes pain and loss, the rigidity that was happening to people at that time.

But, like many monuments around the world, this sculpture also found its supporters and those who did not accept such a cultural object. One of the indignant opinions is the lack of women in the sculpture, but they also suffered. But the plaque to the monument explains that the monument was built both for the memory of the victims and for all those to whom the communist system caused pain and ruined life.

Also, one of the monuments was damaged when there were explosions. Now you can often see the flowers that people with great emotions bring to this place.

One thing can be said for sure, that this cultural object will not leave anyone indifferent. Looking at these unfortunate people, descending from nothingness, it becomes dreary at heart. After all, our lives sometimes depend on the opinion of the authorities, which may not be considered with us.

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