Description of the monument "Fishermen" in Petrozavodsk

Description of the monument

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Our country is famous for its open spaces. To look at the water surface of the sea, lake or river is to contemplate the natural beauty, power, tranquility. For many people, nothing more is required. But still, very often we can see how the embankments are decorated with powerful monuments, sculptures, monuments.

One of such striking examples is the monument "fishermen". Of course, it is symbolic that such a masterpiece should stand nowhere else, as on the shore near the water. The way it is.

The monument "Fishermen" is located on the shores of Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk. This is a very original structure, because it does not look like the monumental sculptures that are familiar to us.

The fact is that this monument does not consist of granite, stone, but of metal rods, which in the end are a composition of two fishermen throwing a net.

The author of this masterpiece is an American. The sculptures of Rafael Consuegra collected the monument personally. And all the basic work on the welding of elements was done by the city plant. By the way, there is not one monument on the embankment; there is a gallery of sculptures there.

Local residents often make fun of this "thin" building, coming up with funny, and sometimes offensive nicknames. Despite the fact that the main idea was that these two fishermen represent the work of two nations that combine it together, the locals do not perceive such an impulse.

In the first years after the monument was erected, the population believed that the heroes of the monument did not hold a network at all, but spy antennas. Also, for the thinness of the characters, they were compared with prisoners of concentration camps.

Well, what can I say ?! Our people have always been famous for their special mindset, which is not to their liking. So the idea of ​​an American sculptor did not take root in our country among a large number of residents. Although the monument itself does not represent anything sinister and bad.

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