Description of the painting by Rembrandt "Christ at Emmaus"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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The main artist of the golden age of painting in Holland, Rembrandt van Rijn. The most talented painter of his time, an engraver and draftsman, Rembrandt is known throughout the world for his works of art, which are stored in all the largest museums in the world.

His genre works are imbued with such a tense emotional state, sincere human passions and emotions that, at one glance at any picture of Rembrandt, any, even an unprepared viewer, is breathtaking.

The artist’s skill is undeniable - his contemporaries recognized him and admired his followers. The workshop of the painter released many talented students and endowed this world with hundreds of beautiful works of art.

Most of Rembrandt's paintings are religious scenes, seizures from Scripture and legends. Such a picture is also “Christ at Emmaus” or, another name for it, “Dinner at Emmaus”. This is Rembrandt’s most favorite plot, taken from the pages of the Gospel of Luke.

The episode tells how, after the crucifixion of Jesus, his disciples gather and arrive at Emmaus. This is a village near Jerusalem, where they are found by a stranger who tells travelers travelers stories from Scripture, and then shares dinner in a house whose owners sheltered the students.

The culmination of the episode is that after breaking the bread, the stranger reveals himself to the travelers, like the risen Jesus himself, and immediately ceases to be visible to them.

In this picture, Rembrandt writes the Gospel story very simply. Dinner, lit by warm light, and figures of people - it would seem, is not the best place for a miracle to happen. But it is in such simplicity that emphasizes the emotionality of the experiences of the heroes, and the talent of Rembrandt stands out - the master of dramatic, but very close to human subjects.

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