Description of the monument to Yuri Gagarin in Kaluga

Description of the monument to Yuri Gagarin in Kaluga

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On April 13, 1961, Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin visited the city of Kaluga to participate in laying the main brick in the future walls of the Tsiolkovsky Cosmonautics Historical Museum.

Citizens always with pathos tell about this historical episode. Both the coin thrown into the brick wall by him and the trowel are in this museum today. These are the memories of the first cosmonaut of the USSR.

And in 2011, on April 9, on the eve of Cosmonautics Day, a celebration was held in Kaluga on the occasion of the opening of the sculpture to Yuri Gagarin. Exactly fifty years have passed since its flight into space. Gagarin is considered the pioneer of space and the first architect of the museum. Therefore, the monument was installed in front of the building.

Gagarin's figure is made in full growth, although slightly exaggerated in size. Its height reaches two and a half meters. But at the same time, she does not have any pretentiousness and pathos. The author of this monument is the sculptor Alexei Leonov.

Before us is an ordinary simple man, only executed in bronze. He is wearing ordinary clothes: a shirt and pants. He stands confidently on Earth, part of it is also made by the author.

Gagarin stands with his arms spread wide. He wants to embrace the whole world, all infinity. A broad and good-natured smile is imprinted on his face. Sincerity is read in his features, his eyes shine with happiness.

Looking at this sculpture, people also begin to smile and remember something good. It seems to all visitors to the museum that he meets them with open arms. Guests of the city must visit this monument, because near it you feel yourself part of the universe.

Everyone wants to touch at least a bit of history, walk along the roads that the hero walked on, learn something new and interesting from his life. Around the monument is the unification of all generations.

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