Description of the sculpture "Apollo Belvedere"

Description of the sculpture

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Many of us are familiar with the culture of the ancient world. We know how the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans lived. You can understand how the culture of those times looked from various sources, including sculptures. Today, unfortunately, there are very few genuine works of sculptors of that time on our planet.

One of the very famous works is Apollo Belvedere. But he cannot please us with originality, since all that we can contemplate is just a copy. The thing is that when history was just beginning to take shape, times were vague. Constantly there were wars and invasions. And at that time, sculpture prices for barbarians were not. They needed bronze, it could be taken from the sculptures. That is why they were mercilessly remelted. The concept of "cultural heritage" was then not important.

Found the famous sculpture in the 15th century, which is referred to as the Renaissance. The statue was located at one cardinal, whose name is Giuliano della Rovere. This man was chosen as the Catholic pope. Then followed his order that the statue of Apollo should be installed in the Vatican Belvedere Palace. Therefore, the statue got its middle name.

Also to our times, information has come to the effect that there were a lot of sculptures in the collection of the pope. And Apollo was not alone. He was surrounded by the same famous and brilliant works that became the world cultural heritage.

It is noteworthy that it was Apollon who was considered the most brilliant creation, on which everyone dreamed to be equal. But with the development of culture, acquaintance with the works of other geniuses began to change the opinion. They began to evaluate the sculpture less restrained, and Apollo was no longer considered ideal. Well times and opinions are changing.

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