Description of the painting by Egon Schiele “Love”

Description of the painting by Egon Schiele “Love”

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Most of the paintings by Egon Schiele are dramatic and gloomy. The artist died at the age of 28, but the deadly shroud covered him long before his death.

The painting Love was written in the artist’s glamorous and mythical manner, adopted by him from another famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. The main and only character in the picture is a young man, frozen in an unnatural pose for a male.

The man's face has a pronounced triangular shape, the nose is long, pointed to the bottom, the lips are large, half-open. The head is half a turn in relation to the viewer, it seems that the person in the picture is squinting at what is happening in the room and is about ready to leave the portrait to join in a conversation. The artist paid special attention to large bright eyes, framed by no less large eyelashes.

The appearance of the man is neat enough, he is dressed in a brown shirt, his hair is cut short, but at the same time it is clear that the human body is exhausted, his face is unnaturally thin, and his eyes are unnaturally large. The complexion is pale yellow, which most of all indicates the presence of the disease.

The picture does not have a clearly traced background, a man, it would seem, hangs in the air, not depending on anyone and not relying on anyone. Head

The painting was painted at the beginning of the last century, shortly before the death of the artist, because its appearance can be considered a symbolic harbinger of the imminent death that followed in 1918. The cause of the artist's death was a terrible epidemic of the Spanish woman, which claimed thousands of lives of people on the European continent.

The wife of the artist and the unborn child were also victims of the Spanish woman. Many paintings, in deadly pale tones, were painted in this gloomy time for the whole world.

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