Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “Portrait of O. Grabar-Dobryanskaya, the artist’s mother”

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “Portrait of O. Grabar-Dobryanskaya, the artist’s mother”

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Igor Grabar is a Russian post-impressionist artist. To paint the portrait, oil paints and canvas were used.

The painting, painted around 1925, depicts the artist's mother, frozen in a natural pose. A woman is dressed in a blue dress, decorated with a black tie. Such dresses were worn by many women of that era. The woman is short-cut, her hair is gray, which is clearly visible, due to the absence of any headgear.

Her right hand rests on a chair, or a sofa covered with a colorful coverlet, or a path. Such a path was in many homes of Soviet citizens, therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that it is it depicted in the picture. At this time, the artist gives special attention, not just to painting portraits, but to painting paintings depicting Soviet reality, as the painter saw it.

In the woman’s hand in the portrait is a large white handkerchief. The left hand rests on his knees in a relaxed position. The mother of the artist is at a fairly advanced age, she is thin and rather dry.

The eyes are wide open, the gaze is fixed on the viewer. Her complexion is healthy, a visible blush appears on her cheeks, and yet the impression is that this woman is very sick, or is exhausted by many years of hard work, as can be seen from the numerous wrinkles that strewn her face.

In her youth, the artist’s mother was a member of the Slavic liberation movement, because of which she was forced to leave Budapest and settle in Russia with her husband.

The woman experienced difficult times associated with political and civil changes taking place in the country, which negatively affected her health. Writing a portrait of a mother for the artist has become symbolic. As a child, he spent little time with his parents, which left a deep wound in his heart.

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