Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's picture “Forgotten Village”

Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's picture “Forgotten Village”

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Kuindzhi's name has always been shrouded in riddles. Many life incomprehensions constantly gave rise to conversations behind his back. However, his paintings were extremely clear, clear and realistic.

From his very first painting, “The Forgotten Village,” the aspiring artist made him speak of himself as a venerable creator. The picture abruptly grabbed one moment of the gray and wretched life of a forgotten, useless people, showed the approaching death of the village, and, as a result, an even greater impoverishment of its inhabitants.

The whole look of the canvas breathes hopelessness, longing and despondency. Rusty-dirty paints even nature itself is written. Black, rotten houses, with dead eye sockets of windows looking nowhere.

The road carefully goes around this endangered corner and runs off into the distance, where the sky is still bright. Yes, there, on the horizon, are gentle blue skies, and even the blue itself is diluted with dirty green above the village itself.

It can be seen that autumn is in the yard, however, even the hay was not gathered in neat stacks, but was hopelessly dumped right in the yard. Yes, and the yard itself, no. Perhaps, once there was a fence, but now only a few logs remain from it.

A skinny cow cries out to the owner with a lowing, but he is busy with his work. His faces cannot be seen, but the whole figure of the peasant speaks of silent humility and quiet despair. Has anyone else remained in this corner forgotten by God? Will this very man with his only cow be able to survive the next winter, no one is interested.

Everywhere is dirt, poverty, scarcity. It seems that nature itself does not want to brighten the days with this village at least some vegetation. Longing and hopelessness.

Kuindzhi managed to so strongly reflect all the unattractiveness and tragedy of the moment, so fill his picture with an oppressive mood that his work at the exhibition of artists won first place.

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