Description of Valentin Serov's painting “Balcony”

Description of Valentin Serov's painting “Balcony”

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V.A.Serov - Russian painter, who wrote in different directions. In his landscapes, he reflected the beauty of Russian nature. The work "Balcony" was written in 1911. Despite the fact that the artist never received an art education, he was able to realistically reflect the beauty of nature and choose the right colors.

The artist depicted the morning on the balcony. Looking at the canvas, you can feel the morning coolness and freshness. A light shadow cast by the sun signals the beginning of a new day. One wants to let this day in, open the windows and doors and get drunk with this morning coolness.

In the distance, a plowed field is visible, and fog rises above it. Not far from the balcony there is a forest thicket, and very close to a tree grows, which spread its branches onto the balcony.

On a sultry day, the linden tree favorably forms a shadow and you can fully enjoy the stunning scenery even in hot weather. And during the flowering period, the balcony fills with a wonderful floral aroma.

The artist depicted the morning time very realistically, a contemplator can easily imagine such a morning, go to the balcony and hear the birds singing. It is impossible to visually embrace such a view from the balcony, I want to close my eyes and open my soul to this fresh morning.

In the distance, beyond the field, a strip of dense forest can be seen, apparently the house was located far from the city. The picture exudes calm, harmony and beginning. The beginning of not only a new day, but the beginning of another phase of life. The landscape is very harmonious.

Perhaps the artist reflected so the beginning of his next period in life or in creativity. He looks down on the world around him in order to perceive it more voluminously, appreciating its scale. Was it possible to write such a landscape from a different point of view? The artist conveyed the beauty of his morning and the source of his inspiration.

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