Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Winter"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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B. As an artist optimistic and focused on the best aspects of life, he was interested in bright celebrations and folk fun.

The painting “Winter” of 1916 belongs to the series of works “Shrovetide”. In other versions, the canvas of the Russian artist shows crowded festivities in honor of the wires of winter. "Winter. 1916 ”- an abridged example of the provincial life of the Russian people against the backdrop of a snowy landscape.

Masterpieces of Boris Mikhailovich colorful like gingerbread houses. In the presented picture, elegant carts are striking. Young ladies rosy from the cold peep out of the sleigh. They are covered with a scarlet blanket. The back of the wagon is painted with a bouquet of roses. Even the horse appears in a rich outfit: surrounded by gold and flowers.

At a distance, a group of villagers settled down: they had fun, echoing the harmony game in the dance. On the left are small figures of people rolling down the hill. If you look deep into the picture, we will notice urban-style adjustments and the main square. The architecture is represented by the tops of church buildings.

From the side closest to the spectators, distinct traces of a person appear in the snow. So, the picture seems to be calling us to join the winter fun: to play snowballs, ride a sled, smiling at the frost biting on the cheeks.

Trees bloomed with snowy flowers. The sky turns pink from dawn, seeing off a flock of birds. The impression of bright joy and serene happiness when looking at the winter Kustodiev.

Singing life in all its manifestations, the Russian artist shares with the audience a love of national motives and traditions. The original outback of Russia seems to us jubilant, pure as white snow and blooming embroidered shawls of women.

People enjoy harmony with the surrounding nature, which in return gives us picturesquely beautiful landscapes.

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