Description of the painting of Jerome Bosch “The Prodigal Son”

Description of the painting of Jerome Bosch “The Prodigal Son”

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The artist Jerome Bosch always left puzzles and places for thought in the plots of his paintings. With the help of a brush, he not only masterfully painted beautiful images, but also put deep allegories into them, understandable not to every art lover.

He also saw the stage of the return of the prodigal son and conveyed it to the viewer in his complex and mysterious manner of performance.

The protagonist of this painting is the prodigal son. He decided to end the miserable stagnation and return to a decent and clean life. The man looks very thin and stooped. This is a sign that the meager pennies that he sometimes has are not always enough to buy food.

The wanderer’s clothes are in very poor condition. It is battered, stretched and torn in places. But it is unlikely that he has removable underwear.

Before sending on a long journey, to his father, the hero casts a farewell glance at his place of residence. From now on, he will not cross the threshold of this dirty tavern. His departure attracted the attention of one woman. She looks from the window of a decaying building, and perhaps even envies the hero.

He had the strength to break out of this ill-fated place. The remaining inhabitants of the nasty shelter do not care about what is happening. They do not think about morality and neither seek to change their lives.

By the expression on the traveler’s face one can understand that he’s tired of eking out his miserable existence and that he despises the courtyard courtyard, with all the souls living on it. But a hint of a smile and raised eyebrows indicate that the hardships of fate did not completely extinguish his spirit and desire for the best. Now he understood a lot.

Jerome Bosch was a deeply religious person. In the meaning of his picture, he wanted to invest not only a description of the famous parable. The path from evil to good and from sin to the Lord is always thorny. And only the person who has passed it will receive the long-awaited happiness.

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