Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Levitan”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Levitan”

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Serov was the most objective master of portraiture. In any face, he found something interesting. The artist was able to immerse himself in the inner world of his hero.

At the same time, the painter was always able to reveal the originality of each person. He created a series of portraits of his contemporaries. Heroes differ not only in character, but also in social level. For his creations, Serov managed to find the perfect composition. However, he never repeated.

In 1890, writers, actors and artists became models of the most famous painter. The artist liked to notice special manifestations of personality of a creative nature. It was as if he was experiencing opportunities and sought to change his manner.

There are no details on the portrait of Levitan that would indicate that we have an artist. We see a rather dark background, brown shades. Painting is rather dry. As you know, Levitan was inherent in disappointment. He was constantly sad. He was completely absorbed by the special secret of the nature of Russia. It seemed that he did not live quite on earth.

The artist's face was dark. There was always a thoughtful sadness in my eyes. But this sadness strikes with a special grace. Serov creates a real masterpiece. Each smear is not accidental. He says that the soul of the artist is truly beautiful. This is not just a painter, but a true poet. This longing is magnificent. She intoxicates each viewer, as if he is breathing in the wonderful aroma of magnificent flowers.

This yearning is akin to Byron. Thanks to its special melancholy, the paintings of the art of the romantic era arise in memory. Levitan’s hand fell powerlessly. This item is not random. Serov refers us to the portraits of Bryullov, which he created in the era of late romanticism. But the painting of realism is extremely sober. We feel the protocol accuracy and understand that Serov portrays a certain person who just accidentally reminded us of a hero from the time of romanticism.

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