Description of the painting by Alexander Zakharov “Winter”

Description of the painting by Alexander Zakharov “Winter”

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A.N.Zakharov is a vivid representative of contemporary painters working in the style of classical Russian painting. He established himself as a landscape painter.

The artist accurately conveys the beauty of nature, creates a special mood. His work is alive, with a soul. His painting “Winter” reflects the beauty of the Russian forest. The place most likely belongs to central Russia, a mixed forest, coniferous trees combined with birches.

In the foreground you can see a snowy stream, barely visible under the thickness of the ice. The water surface here and there is visible, hiding behind the next bend. Fir trees gathered near the water, and in the distance, nestling to each other, small birches lurked. Winter turned out to be snowy, ate they lowered their branches under the weight of snow.

In general, the landscape reflects the routine of winter weekdays in the forest. The trees fell asleep for this cold period, everything is covered with a snow blanket and there is a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Everything in work is harmonious, nothing is out of the picture. Perhaps the artist so accurately conveyed his feelings of winter. It is unlikely that he spent hours at a stream in an impassable forest.

Most likely, the painter painted from memory, conveying the mood through his worldview. In winter, people often spend time at home, talking about life, relaxing and gaining strength before the blooming spring.

The canvas exudes such harmony, I want to wrap myself in a warm blanket, drink hot tea and contemplate the frozen moment of a beautiful winter.

The painter very accurately and realistically placed the shadows and reflections on the snowy surface. The impression of being in this place. Glancing briefly, one might think that the contemplator is in front of a photograph, not a picture.

The work is done in small and precise strokes, which makes the elements of the picture very clear. The color scheme does not stand out from the general background, there are no bright contrasts and colorful spots. This technique creates the effect of reality.

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