Description of the painting by Gustav Dore “Angel”

Description of the painting by Gustav Dore “Angel”

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Dore created magnificent illustrations for various subjects of the Bible. They were published in various editions of the Bible in different languages. Many masters created religious themes. But it was Dore who became the most outstanding among them.

The incredibly realistic engraver style is impressive. He was able to give every story a practically new life. If before that, believers perceived the existing frescoes and created by other mosaics as somewhat caricatured, now everything has changed. Dora manages to portray the heroes of the Bible really vividly.

Many contemporaries were biased towards the painter and strove to constantly find only flaws in his works. But the illustrations could stand a worthy test. They are still practically the most vivid images of events that took place in the Bible.

Dore became the true founder of a completely new illustrated book, where the drawings are a harmonious complement to the text.

Before us is the master work of an engraver. Each of his creations is truly impressive and thrills with its grandeur. It is not only incredibly vibrant, but also as voluminous as possible. Dore manages to convey what is happening in great detail. The viewer involuntarily catches himself thinking that there is an undefined Bible story in front of him.

It seems that before us is what really happened in the modern Dora of life. Moreover, it does not matter that angels cannot exist in ordinary life. They are as tangible as possible. We see not only the flight of angels, but also the movement of air masses. I would like to consider every engraving in great detail and correlate it with the plot of the biblical story.

In this living perception, Dore's true mastery. That is why his work and were able to pass the test of time. These are perhaps the best illustrations of the Bible.

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