Description of the painting Lippi Filippo “Madonna and Child with Angels”

Description of the painting Lippi Filippo “Madonna and Child with Angels”

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Madonna and child was a common theme of the painter. This scene was interpreted by artists of the Renaissance in different ways. Before us is one of the best creations of Lippi.

We see a very young Mary. She is depicted in a soft chair standing by the window. Christ is carefully supported by angels, and he holds out his hands to his mother. One of the touching angels is looking directly at us.

It seems that he invites us to participate in this scene. This impression is also created because the painter depicts him on the side of the window. Mary and baby Christ are located inside the window opening, which is also the traditional frame of this masterpiece.

Other artists also resorted to such double frames. This was a kind of hint that the heroes of the canvas are separated from reality not just by the frame of the picture. The border is much more complicated. Using it, the extraterrestrial origin of the characters is emphasized.

We look at the creation of Lippi, and in our imagination the usual idea of ​​a plane of a two-dimensional character disappears. We have an irresistible sensation of the existence of several planes of space. The landscape, which is visible in the window, is a vivid collective image of the whole earth.

Lippi masterfully depicts the vast expanses that open outside the window. The Renaissance viewer usually correlated it with the special space of a traditional temple. At that time, it could not at all be compared with the world that was opening outside the walls of the church. Everything outside the window is also of particular religious significance. This is the true holy of holies. And this is no coincidence.

In this creation of Lippi, a slight weakening of the religious principle is felt. The Madonna is depicted absolutely like an ordinary earthly woman. The artist paints her image with very warm colors. The artist wrote models for this canvas from nature. The painter manages to bring the spirit of a secular family spirit into the religious plot.

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