Description of the painting Francisco de Goya "The grape harvest"

Description of the painting Francisco de Goya

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Francisco Goya's "Grape Harvest" was painted in 1786. Currently, the work adorns the National Prado Museum in Madrid. The dimensions of the canvas are as much as 267.5 by 190.5 cm. By style, the work can be attributed to Rococo, Classicism, Realism.

The canvas depicts a young woman in a yellowish dress, surrounded by other people, namely: a child, another woman and a man sitting in an important pose. On her head a woman holds a full wicker basket with dark grapes, and in her hands is a large bunch to which her hands and everyone else are stretched. In the background you can see a bluish-green hillside and white clouds, in the foreground - the grass is green.

The picture is painted in unusually gentle, pastel colors, the lines are smooth, and large strokes seem to flow one into another. The figures appear before us in festive clothes and light-colored shoes. Festive clothing emphasizes that harvesting is a holiday, not a job, and the heroes are happy picking grapes and living in the mountains, enjoying nature.

The main character's face is unusually gentle, her cheeks are slightly pinkish, apparently from fresh air and prolonged physical labor. Pink and a handkerchief on her head, shading the soft, light skin of the girl's face.

It is absolutely impossible without emotions to look at the canvases of Goya, such power comes from his works, with such skill he presents, it would seem, simple, ordinary, uninteresting activities. Catching the grape picker's eyes, dreamy and calm, you are filled with inspiration and joy, it is impossible to tear yourself away from it. Immediately I want to feel the sweet taste of grapes and be somewhere there, next to her, at the foot of the mountains.

What is curious, the picture “Grape Harvest” is mentioned more than once in classical literature, namely, in the Forsyte Saga by Galsworthy.

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