Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Lilac”

Description of the painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky “Lilac”

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Konchalovsky is a Russian and Soviet artist known for his still lifes and portraits. He worked in the style of post-impressionism, cubism, Fauvism, was chairman of the association of artists “Jack of Diamonds”. The members of this association denied academic painting and realism, putting their own perception of this reality above reality.

A funny word-play of the name, which sounded completely unambiguous in those years, was called convicts, mostly political ones, who were distinguished by a robe with a black rhombus on its back. The name also refers to the word "waltz", which was slang and meant "rogue", "dodgy". On the whole, it turned out to be a name that should have caused apprehension, surprise, hypocritical condemnation or a surge of fun among the average layman, which to some extent testifies to Konchalovsky's peculiar humor.

“Lilac” is one of his still lifes, which has incorporated all the features that distinguish the artist’s work. Here and attention to detail, and accuracy, and exaggeratedly shining realism - you can consider every small flower in an inflorescence, water in a vase, fallen petals.

The lilac in the picture looks alive, and the imagination in itself draws the story to it. For some, it’s about the child who gave the mother’s bouquet, for someone, about the young lover who brought his lady a touching bouquet of the first lilac, for someone about the old man who wants to please his sick wife.

The lilac seems real, it seems that you can feel its aroma, and the peculiar multidimensionality of the picture (you can invent stories, you can remember the best of the springs of your life, you can just admire the flowers without thinking about anything) adds to her charms just like any of her details.

Branches are refracted in water, a twig that has not yet been placed in a vase is knitted.

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